I'm a Fullstack Web Developer

and a Laravel artisan

What I love doing



Cloud Admin

My Stack

PHP 8.1
Laravel 9
Rest API
Tailwind CSS
About me

April 1997

Myself says ¡Hello World!

Valencia (Spain)

December 2001

I got my first computer

Digital native


March 2007

First steps with PHP and MySQL

By my own

November 2011

My online radio is published on Tuenti

September 2013

Started computing vocational training

November 2013

I'm writing web design articles at Creativos Online


May 2014

I got my first job as a junior backend developer


March 2015

Did vocational practices at a Tier III datacenter

Occentus Network

September 2015

Started web higher vocational training

Madrid (Spain)

June 2016

Worked at Kubide where I became

senior backend developer


January 2017

¡Won the International Tourism Trade Fair Hackathon!

July 2017

Became Full Stack Laravel/Vue Freelancer

October 2017

On Samsung UMA-Tech Institute IoT program

Málaga (Spain)

February 2018

Started to work at Sngular

as Full Stack Laravel/Vue Developer

Madrid (Spain)

June 2019

Full Stack Laravel/Vue Developer at Codefort

September 2020

Samsung UMA-Tech Institute AI program

August 2021

Backend Laravel Developer at 64Robots

Hello, my name is Sergio Ródenas.

I'm 25 years old and I live in Andorra.

"Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming."

Brian Kernighan

Open source